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A pendulum is initially displaced to a height 1 y above the table
top, as in figure 1. It is released with an initial speed of 1 v = 0 . At
the lowest point of its motion, it is at a height 2 y above the
table top, and with a speed of 2 v . Derive an equation of 2 v , in
terms of 1 y and 2 y , assuming that its total mechanical energy is

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    Can you double check if figure 1 looks like this:

    If this is the case, then
    equate energies, namely potential and kinetic energies:
    Change in potential energy, ΔEp=mg(y2-y1)
    Change in kinetic energy, ΔEk=(1/2)m(v2²-v1²)

    By the law of conservation of energy, we have
    Substitute and solve for v2, noting that v1=0.

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