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The School Board is going to vote on whether or not to extend the school day by one hour so that all students can help with thrir homework. The students would be required to attend a study period. Write a letter to the School board whether or not you feel this is a good idea. Give at least two reasons to support your position. Remember, you must agree in such a convincing manner that others will agree with you.

Need to write a 5 pargraph essay on this.

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    * Many countries have longer school days than the U.S.
    * The U.S. dropout rate is too high.
    * Many parents can't help their students at home.

    * The majority of students are succeeding without a mandatory additional hour.
    * Students with jobs or after-school sports would suffer.
    * The School Board can't afford the money to fund the additional hour.

    What do you think?

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    can i get homework to print out from you guys

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