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Can someone please help me with these problems?Out of 35 problems these are the ones I can not figure out.Please show all of the stepswith no shortcuts. I am sincerely trying to learn this stuff.Thanks



In a triangle ABC, angle B is 3 times angle A and angle C is 19 degrees less than 6 times A. What is the size of angle A?

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    Here's the first one.


    4y + y -7y + 5y = 2 - 36 + 40
    3y = 6
    y = 2

    Follow the above procedure and try the others. I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    x=.8 If this is wrong can you illustrate what corrections need to be made?

    that does not even sound right

    In a triangle ABC, angle B is 3 times angle A and angle C is 19 degrees less than 6 times A. What is the size of angle A?

    (3A)+(^A-19)+A=180 degrees
    A=19.9 degrees.
    I wouldappreciate any advice you can give me to understand this math. I am about to lose it. Thank you so much.

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    The first one is correct.

    However, you forgot to subtract in the second problem.


    6x - 8x = -24 + (-16)

    Your third answer is correct.

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    Is 20 the correct answer to the problem?
    I just checked and if I checked right,20 is the answer.What is the rule for getting like variables together. Do you always subtract the right from the left?

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    Yes. 20 is correct.

    Not necessarily. You want to get the unknowns on one side and the knowns on the other side.


    2x + 5 = 11
    2x + 5 - 5 = 11 - 5

    11 = 2x + 5
    11 - 5 = 2x + 5 - 5

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