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For my summer reading project, they require us to state the point of view and to give a quote from the book (the Alchemyst) to prove the book was written in that point of view. The book is omniscient, and almost every chapter it is a different character speaking. How can I prove it's omniscient with a quote?

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    Well, even though every character has a different point of view, they all can agree on something. As in "My sister's keeper", every character had a point of view yet everything revolved around Anna [healthy sister] giving Kate [the ill sister] an organ. So you can do the same with your book. Good luck!

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    Omniscient means that the character knows what other people are thinking, not just what they are saying or doing.
    So, you need to find an instance of when one of the characters knows what another is thinking or going to do before it is said or done.

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