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A 2.1 kg particle-like object moves in a plane with velocity components vx = 30 m/s and vy = 55 m/s as it passes through the point with (x, y) coordinates of (3.0, -4.0) m.
(a) What is its angular momentum relative to the origin at this moment?
kg · m2/s

(b) What is its angular momentum relative to the point (-2.0, -2.0) m at this same moment?
kg · m2/s

HELP!!! I don't know what to do or where to start, except with the angular momentum formula L=r X p=m(r X v. Would the formula l=rmvsintheta also be necessary here??

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    Looks like we both have angular momentum problems. Im just as far along as you, I only have the formulas... Hopefully someone will know what to do!!!

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