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I need help with this problem.
If you can please show me step by step how to solve this I have 15 more of these to do so I really need detailed steps if it is not to much trouble.Thanks so much!

  • Algebra -

    Order of opperations or PEMDAS. Parenthasis, exponents, multiply, divide, add, subtract. In that order. For this problem, an exponent is inside of parenthasis. So if you want to solve the parenthasis first, you need to solve the exponent then multiply by 5 and then subtract by one.

  • Algebra -

    Can you tell me if I done this right?

  • Algebra2 -

    pls help me?two cards are drawn in succession from a standard fact with replacement,
    .what is the probability of the following?
    1.a diamond
    2.a club
    3.both are clubs
    4.first draw is heart
    5. first draw is spade

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