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Which of the following when added to 100.0mL of a 0.100M soln of NH4Cl would produce a buffer soln?
a.100.0mL of 0.100 M HCl soln
b. 100.0mL of 0.050M NaOH soln
c. 100.0mL of 0.100M NaOH soln
d. 100.0mL of 0.050M NH4No3 soln
e.none of the above

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    To be a buffered solution, what must we have? We must have a weak acid and its salt OR a weak base and its salt.
    I don't see anything there that is a weak acid or base and its salt.
    a is a strong acid.
    b is a strong base.
    c is a strong base (just a different concn).
    d is the salt of a weak base and a strong acid and in a very limited set of circumstances MIGHT work. Generall, however, no.

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