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A compound on heating gives a crackling sound, a reddish fume, and a gas which relights a glowing splint. the residue is reddish brown when hot and yellow when cold. What are- 1. the compound? 2. the fume 3. the gas
4. the residue?

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    Not much to go on here.
    My best guess is
    compound is Hg(NO3)2
    fume is NO2
    gas is NO2 AND O2
    residue is HgO/Hg(NO3)2/Hg mixture although the Hg may be driven off at an elevated temperature.

    HgO is the right color at the two temperatures (hot and cold), NO2 is reddish-brown fume, O2 will relight an extinguished glowing splint.

    Hg(NO3)2 --> HgO + NO2 step 1
    2HgO ==> 2Hg + O2 step 2

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    Equetion for reaction Pb(NO3)2----> PbO + O2 + NO2 (1) Pb(NO3)2 (2) NO2 (3) O2 (4) PbO

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