The continental drift theory

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Explain how the following pieces of evidence supported the continental drift theory.

a) matching continental margins

b) similar animal fossils in South America and Africa

c) similar rock types and structures in North America and northern Europe

d) magnetic striping in rocks

Information I know is inside the brackets.

( The continental drift theory states that the continents have not always been in their present locations but have "drifted" there over millions of years.)

The question is confusing. How do I answer these question?

  • The continental drift theory -

    The first is obvious. I noted that the similar shapes of the continents when I was in elementary school -- long before the Continental Drift theory became accepted.

    There's no other way for the same animal fossils to be found on two continents separated by an ocean than that these continents were once joined.

    Check these sites for more information.

  • The continental drift theory -

    Trust me its
    1.)B - Mesosaursus
    2.)D - the contenients do not move
    3.)B - cooling and solidification of magma
    4.)B - rock that has layers and smaller pieces of rock in it. It also has fossil in it
    5.)B - Fracture
    6.)B - gypsum
    7.)C - metamorphic rock
    8.)D - sediment
    plz trust me i swear I would never lie becuase I know how it feels when people tell the wrong answers and becuase it took me half an hour to write this lol

  • The continental drift theory -

    btw its the quiz

  • The continental drift theory -

    trust me isn't right i got 8/8

  • The continental drift theory -

    Is trust me right?

  • The continental drift theory -

    I got 7/8 2 is D not B

  • The continental drift theory -

    Trust me is right

  • The continental drift theory -


  • The continental drift theory -

    they are right

  • The continental drift theory -

    Yeah, it's right. I just did the quiz and I passed.

  • The continental drift theory -

    thank you trust me u where right got 100% ig i do have to trust u

  • The continental drift theory -

    @TRUST ME #2 is D but not the continents did not move it is actually the continents were once joined together in a single landmass

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