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What formula do I use to calculate the mass of KCl that is required to make 625 mL of a 0.200 M solution?

Dr Robb the formula you gave me didn't give me the correct answer and I think I did it wrong it is asking for the answer in grams which should be 9.3 grams but I cant get that answer no matter how I work it. Help please

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    You just didn't use it correctly.
    M = moles/L
    moles = M x L = 0.200 M x 0.625 L = 0.125 moles.
    grams = moles x molar mass
    g = 0.125 x 74.55 = 9.3187 grams which rounds to 9.32 grams KCl to three significant figures (which is what you are allowed). .

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    thank you so much Dr Bob I couldn't figure it out at all.

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