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plz check this.

1. In preparing a budget for a day care center, you must plan for
taxes. As an employer, you must pay part of each employee’s
_______ tax.
A. Social Security C. state income
B. federal income D. local

2. You’re trying to plan an activity for your third graders, who will
be arriving around 2:30 in the afternoon. Today you want to
do something associated with mathematics.Which one of the
following activities would be appropriate?
A. Keeping track of the weather
B. Making a prism
C. Sorting objects according to weight
D. Studying the composition of rocks

3. Patrick, a new six-year-old in your facility, is causing some problems with the other children.
He never completes one activity, but jumps from group to group. He refuses to wait his turn
when playing games. Every time he starts a new friendship, he ends it by arguing with his

Which one of these strategies would you include in your attempt to resolve this

A. Consistently tell him “No” every time he misbehaves.
B. Praise him every time he wins an argument.
C. Attempt to make him more independent by putting him by himself during group
reading periods.
D. Provide extra attention and support for him.

4. The major goal of parent education is to
A. improve parenting skills. C. improve education of children.
B. help parents get jobs. D. provide social support.

5. Which one of the following groups of people is an example of a reconstituted family?
A. Father, mother, son, daughter
B. Father, mother, adopted children
C. Mother, mother’s sister, mother’s son, mother’s sister’s daughter
D. Mother, father, son from mother’s previous marriage, daughter of current marriage

6. An income statement gives information on the total _______ of a particular period.
A. assets C. liabilities
B. expenses D. capital

7. A flashlight, a bicycle pump, old eyeglasses, and seeds could be used by school-age
children for
A. studying mathematics. C. arts and crafts.
B. science experiments. D. recycling.

8. If an employee in your center earns $9,500 a year, how much federal unemployment tax
must you pay for this employee?
A. $56.00 C. $400.00
B. $76.00 D. $475.00

9. The most important reason for caregivers to be able to work together as a team is that
A. caregivers must often coordinate and share responsibilities and resources.
B. children need multiple caregivers.
C. caregivers must show a good working relationship to licensing agencies.
D. children won’t like every caregiver

10. Why must parents be involved in their child’s day care program when it’s sponsored by the
A. Parent involvement reduces the cost of day care.
B. Parents can judge the abilities of the staff at the center.
C. Parent involvement frees the staff to perform office duties.
D. The government doesn’t want the caregiver to replace family care.

1b 2c 3c 4a 5d 6b 7b 8d 9b 10d

  • childcare -

    I don't know about 6 and 8.

    I disagree with your answers for 1, 3, 4, and 9.

    For 8, the current rate is to pay 6.2% of the first $7,000 salary. None of the answers reflect this amount.

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