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A 2.9 kg body is at rest on a frictionless horizontal air track when a horizontal force F acting in the positive direction of an x axis along the track is applied to the body. A stroboscopic graph of the position of the body as it slides to the right is shown in the figure. The force F is applied to the body at t = 0, and the graph records the position of the body at 0.50 s intervals. How much work is done on the body by the applied force F between t = 0 and t = 1.0 s? (HINT: Find the average acceleration over t = 0 to t = 1.0 s.)

The figure shows the following data:

t=0 x(position)=0
t=.5 x=.04
t=1.0 x=.2
t=1.5 x=.44
t=2.0 x=.8

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