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Click on the box in front of your selected answer. There is only one correct response per question.

Week 5 Quiz Name:

Click on the box in front of your selected answer. There is only one correct response per question.

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1. Which of the following statements is true about Arabs and Muslims?

☐ a. most Muslims are not Arabs

☐ b. most Arab Americans are not Muslim

☐ c. the Arab American and Muslim American communities are among the most

rapidly growing subordinate groups in the U.S.

☐ d. all of these

2. The single most unifying force among Arabs is

☐ a. the Arabic language.

☐ b. the religion of Islam.

☐ c. their country of origin.

☐ d. all of these

3. The Arab American community __________ in size in the 1990s.

☐ a. decreased

☐ b. doubled

☐ c. tripled

☐ d. did not change

2. 4. Muslim Americans reflect a blended identity which includes

☐ a. religious faith.

☐ b. cultural background based on nationality.

☐ c. U.S. resident status.

☐ d. all of these

5. Islam’s authority rests with

☐ a. the scripture and teachings of the Prophet.

☐ b. individual imams who serve as clergy.

☐ c. the Palestinians.

☐ d. Mecca.

6. About __________ of all African Americans are Muslim.

☐ a. 5%

☐ b. 10%

☐ c. 20%

☐ d. 30%

7. Malcolm X’s philosophy can be summarized by which of the following?

☐ a. knowing Black history

☐ b. self-determination for the Black community

☐ c. pride in Blackness

☐ d. all of these

8. Farrakhan’s teachings condemn which of the following?

☐ a. bootstrap capitalism

☐ b. abortion

☐ c. strict punishment

☐ d. all of these

9. A unique development in the history of Arab immigration has been the growth and continuing vibrancy of an Arab community in

☐ a. New York City.

☐ b. Washington D.C.

☐ c. Cleveland, OH.

☐ d. Dearborn, MI.

10. The garments that allow women to follow the guidelines of modest dress are called

☐ a. hijab.

☐ b. jajj.

☐ c. jihad.

☐ d. none of these

11. Which of the following statements is true about gender, marriage, and Islam?

☐ a. Traditionally, Islam permitted men to have multiple wives regardless of their economic resources.

☐ b. Traditionally, Islam permitted men to have multiple wives only if they could economically and emotionally support their wives.

☐ c. Men and women have equal access to divorce.

☐ d. Traditionally, Islam permitted upper class women to have multiple husbands.

12. In the U.S. it is common for Islamic women worshippers to

☐ a. pray alongside men in mosques

☐ b. pray in rooms outside the mosques.

☐ c. pray apart from the men but not in separate areas.

☐ d. have multiple husbands.

13. The most visible Arab American in U.S. politics has been

☐ a. Newt Gingrich.

☐ b. John Kerry.

☐ c. Ralph Nader.

☐ d. Bob Dole.

14. Any arbitrary police-initiated action based on race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than a person's behavior is called

☐ a. racial profiling.

☐ b. discrimination.

☐ c. unfairness.

☐ d. prejudice.

15. A range of negative feelings toward Muslims and their religion that ranges from generalized

intolerance to hatred is

☐ a. Arabaphobia.

☐ b. racial profiling.

☐ c. Islamophobia.

☐ d. Muslimaphobia

16, Surveys conducted since 2001 show _____believe a number of anti-Muslim stereotypes such as the idea that Islam teaches violence and hatred.

☐ a. one-fourth

☐ b. one-third

☐ c. one-half

☐ d. two-thirds

17. Surveys conducted in the months after 9/11 found a growing willingness on the part of the American public to

☐ a. view Arabs and Muslims sympathetically.

☐ b. require that Muslim and Arab Americans carry special identification cards.

☐ c. favor detaining Arab Americans who were U.S. citizens in camps indefinitely

☐ d. all of these

18. After 9/11, which of the following increased significantly?

☐ a. hate crimes against Arab and Muslim Americans

☐ b. harassment of Arab and Muslim Americans

☐ c. eviction of law abiding Muslim Americans from their homes

☐ d. all of these

19. A national survey released in 2004 revealed that __________ of Americans believe a number of anti-Muslim stereotypes.

☐ a. one-fifth

☐ b. one-fourth

☐ c. one-third

☐ d. one-half

20. Which of the following organizations have formed to represent Arab-American interests and to promote understanding?

☐ a. Council on American-Islamic Relations

☐ b. American Muslim Alliance

☐ c. American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

☐ d. all of these

21. Orientalism refers to

☐ a. people from Asian countries.

☐ b. fashion trends in the U.S. that use styles from Asian countries.

☐ c. a simplistic view of the people and history of the Orient without recognition of cultural

diversity and change.

☐ d. the growth of Chinese restaurants in the U.S.

22. In which of the following ways are Arab Americans diverse?

☐ a. time of arrival to the U.S.

☐ b. a rich variety of religious traditions

☐ c. point of origin

☐ d. all of these

23. Among people identifying themselves as Arab American, the largest single source of ancestry was

☐ a. Palestine.

☐ b. Lebanon.

☐ c. Syria.

☐ d. Egypt.

24. Christianity and Islam are alike in all of the following ways EXCEPT

☐ a. both are monotheistic.

☐ b. both worship the same God.

☐ c. both view Jesus as the son of God.

☐ d. both believe in prophets, the afterlife, and a judgment day.

25. In countries that are predominantly Muslim, the

☐ a. separation of religion and the state is not seen as necessary.

☐ b. separation of religion and the state is seen as desirable.

☐ c. government has no involvement in religious law.

☐ d. all of these

  • Eth 125 -

    My goodness, you forgot to post YOUR answers.

    Since you are paying for this class, I assume you want to learn about Muslims and Arabs.

    I'll get you started -- and then will be glad to check the rest of your answers.

    1. a
    4. d
    9. d
    21. a
    24. c

  • Eth 125 -


  • Eth 125 -

    n n

  • Eth 125 -

    5 a

  • Eth 125 -

    2.the Arabic language.

  • Eth 125 -

    In which of the following ways are Arab Americans diverse?

  • Eth 125 -

    for number 19

  • Eth 125 -


  • Eth 125 -

    12. b

  • Eth 125 -

    whats answer for number 16

  • Eth 125 -

    5. d

  • Eth 125 -

    Ms. Sue. If you are uneducated enough as to refer to the concept of orientalism as people from asian countries. Please check your facts before posting answers. Orientalism clearly defined is answer C

  • Eth 125 -

    18. b

  • Eth 125 -


  • Eth 125 -

    12. b

  • Eth 125 -

    whats the answer to number 14

  • Eth 125 -


  • Eth 125 -


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