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solve by the elimination method

5x+5y= -7

The solution is (___,___)

Please help I am lost on how to work and complete this one.

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    Manipulate the equations so you can eliminate one variable.
    One way would be to multiply the first equation by 3, and the second equation by 5. Always do this for BOTH SIDES of the equations.

    15x + 15y = -21
    35x - 15y = 95
    Now add them and the y term is eliminated.

    50x = 74
    x = 37/25

    Use any of the equations with x and y to solve for y. It looks like a rather messy fractional answer.

    Check my work; I'm sloppy

  • Elimination Method Help -

    I see where and how you can up with 50x=74 but where did the x=37/25 come from that confuses me.

    Thank you for your help

  • Elimination Method Help -

    50x = 74

    Divide both sides of the equation by 50.

    x = 74/50 = 37/25

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