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Solid NaI is slowly added to a soln that is 0.010M in Cu+ and 0.010M in Ag+.
a. Which compound will begin to precipitate first?
b. Calculate [Ag+] when CuI just begins to precipitate/
c. What percent of Ag+ remains in solution at this point?

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    a. Compare Ksp for CuI with Ksp for AgI. obviously, the salt with the smaller Ksp will ppt first.

    (Ag^+)(I^-)...Ksp for AgI
    ----------- = ----------- = about 7E-5
    (Cu^+)(I^-)...Ksp for CuI
    The value will depned upon the Ksp values you used so the answer should be close to 7E-5 but it may differ somewhat. Then you rearrange the equation to give (Ag^+)= 7E-5(0.01) = ??

    c. (amount Ag remaining/original amount)*100 = ??

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    Can you just post the full answer for me

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