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Write balanced equations and solubility product expressions for the solubility equlibria of the following compounds:
a. CuBr
b. ZnC2O4
c. Ag2CrO4
d. Hg2Cl2
e. AuCl3
f. Mn3(po4)2

can you give me some examples using the compounds given?

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    nvm i got the answers

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    CuBr ==> Cu^+ + Br^-
    Ksp = (Cu^+)(Br^-)

    AuCl3 ==> Au^+3 + 3Cl^-
    Ksp + (Au^+3)(Cl^-)^3

    Hg2Cl2 ==> Hg2^+2 + 2Cl^-
    Ksp = (Hg2^+2)(Cl^-)3

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