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This is my assignment and I don't understand it.
Write a 200- to 300-word paper in APA format explaining a difference between the conventional forms of rehabilitation programs and the newer programs of today. Why do you think this change is important to the dynamics of rehabilitation?

Am I suppose to talk about the old rehabs and how they do them today, and what does he mean by dynamics. I unerstand it all depends on thetype of rehab. We are talking about prisons, but there are still diffrent types. He wont help me!

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    First of all, here are links to APA formats:


    Conventional forms of rehabilitation programs are what the older type of rehab was in prisons:


    New programs of today:


    Some statistics will tell you which is working better.


  • CJS230 -

    write a 200-300 workd response explaining a difference between the conventional forms of rehabilitation programs and the newer programs of today

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    The main difference is the types of rehabilitaion avaiable today compared to the early era of rehabilitation in prisons is; there are more educational forms of rehabilitaiton classes like, GED, AA, Drug rehab, mental help, parenting programs, and job trade schooling. In the old era and more conventional forms the only idea of rehabilitation was medication, hard labor, pycotherapy. WHen prisoner rights came into effect, new doors had opened for prisoners to gain an education while in prison, along with copeing skills, and better rehab for inmates.This way while in prison they are doing thier time, but also learning how to change the bad behavior.

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