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How can i use the word cloy? i wrote this sentence but i'm not sure if i used the word correctly... "At first I thought you were appealing but now i realize that your just a cloy."

I need help!! :D thanks in advance.

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    You did not use the correctly. "cloy" is a verb, but you used it as a noun. Look up the meaning. It means something like: to be too sweet or too excessive in some quality that would be acceptable in small doses.

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    cloy - Definition of cloy at YourDictionary (dot com):
    to surfeit, or make weary or displeased, by too much of something, esp. something sweet, rich, etc. Origin: aphetic < ME acloien, to hamper, harm, ...

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    The way it's most often used is in its present participle form:


    Use it like that, either as a verb (with a helping verb with it: "is cloying") or by itself as a participle (verbal adjective) modifying a noun.

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