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1. What did Newton conclude about the force that pulls apples to the ground and the force that holds the moon in orbit?
2. What does the very small value of the gravitational constant G (in standard units) tell us about the strength of gravitational forces?
3. We can think of a force field as a kind of extended aura that surrounds a body, spreading its influence to affect things. As later chapters will show, an electric field affects electric charges, and a magnetic field affects magnetic poles. What does a gravitational field affect? (Select all that apply.)
(charge, magnetism, mass or none of these)
4. Which is correct -- to say that a distant rocket interacts with the mass of the Earth, or to say that it interacts with the gravitational field of the Earth? (Select all that apply.)
(distant rocket interacts with Earth's mass, both of these, or distant rocket interacts with Earth's gravitational field)

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    The answer to question 3 is mass, but I don't know any more of them.

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