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Week 4: Exercises from E-Text

12. Individual Assignment: Exercises From the E-Text Due 7/12/10
• Resource: Applied Statistics in Business and Economics
• Prepare answers to the following exercises from the Applied Statistics in Business and Economics e-text:
o Chapter 5: Exercises 5.62 and 5.70

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    Huh??? Why did you post this on the Jiskha Forum?

    We have no connection with any school, including Axia.

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    Because I wanted to see the responses and you took the bait?????

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    Chapter 5: Exercises 5.62 and 5.70

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    A certain airplane has two independent alternators to provide electrical power. The probability that a given alternator will fail on a 1-hour flight is .02. What is the probability that (a) both will fail? (b) Neither will fail? (c) One or the other will fail? Show all steps carefully.

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    suppose 1 milliliter of ink can print 30 pages of text. How many pages of text could you print with 2 quarts pf ink?

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