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A farmer has 230 ft of fence to enclose a rectangular garden. What is the largest garden area that can be enclosed with the 230 ft of fence?

  • Algebra -

    Perimeter = 230 Ft. The max. area will
    occur as we approach a square (57.5)^2=
    3306.25 sq. ft.). Since we are required to use a rectangle, the largest area we can get using whole
    numbers is: A = LW = 58(57) = 3306 sq, ft. P = 58(2) + 57(2) = 230 ft as

  • Algebra -

    If a farmer has 280 feet of fence and wants to build a rectangle that the width is two-thirds of the length how do you calculate the deminsions?

  • math -

    2. You are installing a new pre-constructed fence in front of your house. Each fence section measures 4 1/2 feet wide, and each end will also have a decorative piece that measures 1 3/4 feet wide.

    If the space for the fence is 30 feet wide, what is the most number of 4 1/2 foot fence sections you could install?

    I calculated 4 1/2 + 3/4=5.25
    30/5.25= 4

  • Algebra -

    What are the largest and smallest areas that can be made with 100 yards of fencing

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