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Math (Algebra)

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How do you simplify the following fraction;

I know the answer is

What I do not know is how this is the answer.The example I looked at did not tell me how it came to the answer. What do I do to find the answer?

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    divide the numerator by 4. Divide the denominator by 4.

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    Thank you, but how do I determine what number to divide by? So that I an solve other fractions like this one. Must I still find the greatest common number to divide by?

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    Yes. You find the largest common divisor to reduce a fraction.


    Divide by 5
    10/15 = 2/3

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    Be careful. You posted (72)/(-68) reduces to (-18)/(-17). You had a sign change in the numerator. Probably just a typo, but you might want to check.

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