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How many grams of CH4 are required to produce 43 g of Cu according to the following equation: 4CuO + CH4 --> CO2 + 2H20 + 4Cu?

I already tried to work the problem myself, and I may have gotten this right, but I do not have an answer key to compare to.

#gCH4 = (43gCu) x (1 mol Cu/63.55gCu) x (16.05gCH4/1 mol CH4) x (1 mol CH4/ 4 mol Cu) =

=2.71 mols x 16.05 = 43.57g of CH4.

Is this correct? If not, can someone please show me how to do this correctly. I could have figured it out but I do not have an answer key to work with.


    #gCH4 = (43gCu) x (1 mol Cu/63.55gCu) x (16.05gCH4/1 mol CH4) x (1 mol CH4/ 4 mol Cu) =
    All of the above is correct AND 2.71 is the correct answer for g CH4. You don't need the next step since you have already multiplied in the above by 16.05 g CH4/1 mol CH4.

    =2.71 mols x 16.05 = 43.57g of CH4.


    Oh my gosh yes! Thankyou Dr. Bob, you are truelly my saint.

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