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1. consider a satellite with a period of 8 hours. if the radius of the satellite's orbit is doubled, what is the period for this satellite's.

2.what is the minimum amount of heat ( in joules) needed to heat 5.0kg (5 liters) of liquid water from it frezing point to its boiling point ( assume the water is liquid, not ice, when you start)?

which law of thermodynamics is a restatement of the law of conservation of energe? please write the equation for this law. and where is latent heat used by the human body to cool itself during exercise.

  • physics -

    1. The product P^2/R^3 remains constant

    2. 5000 g* 4.18 J/gC* 100 C = ___ J

    3. The First Law of Thermodynamics is conservation of energy. There are many ways of writing it down, depending upon the types of energy that are being converted and whether or not you are considering is a steady-state system.

    For a closed system not in steady state, with matter coming in and out, over a finite period of time:

    Qin - Wout = delta U + (H + KE)out - (H + KE)in

    Qin is the heat flow in.
    Wout is the work output (including electrical)
    delta U is the change in internal energy
    H + KE is the sum or enthalpy (U + PV) and kinetic energy of matter entering or leaving the system.

    4. Body cooling takes place on the skin and in the lungs, where transpiration and respiration occur. Both involve evaporative cooling

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