math-due tonight please help

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find the equation of the line

1.(-2,-8) and (-5,-6)

2.(-1,-1) and (2,2)

3. 6/7, (1,-8)

4.9, (9,1)

  • math-due tonight please help -

    you don't specify what form you want it, so I will do it the general way, which will leave you without fractions.

    I will do the first one, do the others the same way

    slope = (-6+8)/(-5+2) = -2/3

    y+8 = (-2/3(x+2)
    3y + 24 = -2x - 4
    2x + 3y + 28 = 0
    y = (-2/3)x - 28/3 after re-arranging the equation

  • math-due tonight please help -

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