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Which of the following choices is a run-on sentence?
A. Take public transportation, it saves gas
B. Join the army and see the world
C. Why did the student body council vote to change the lunch time?
D. It's a story night; it's a perfect time to watch television
E. None of the above.

I think all of them are not run-onn sentences, so is it E?
Thank You in advance.

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    A. is a run-on sentence. It connects two independent clauses with a comma. It should be replaced by either a semicolon or a period.

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    Oh, I see. Thanks!

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    You're welcome.

    Please don't change screen names -- at least for the same subject.

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    Oh, sorry about that.

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    Wait a second. But is "Take public transportation" an independent clause?
    i don't think it is.

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    Yes. "Take public transportation" is an independent clause. Because it's an imperative sentence, the subject (You) is understood.

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