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Which one was the major turning point of 1968?

I found: 1) assassination of Martin Luther Kinf Jr.
2) assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

Also...another question

Which one was the major turning point of 1973?

1)the Paris Peace Agreement
2)the War-Powers Resolution

I think it might be the second one...

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    Both assassinations were devastating -- but I think King's assassination resonated more and still has impact today. Many blacks were afraid to elect Barack Obama as president for fear he'd be assassinated as King was.

    I agree with you about the War Powers Resolution.

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    thank you again

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    You're welcome.

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    also, for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. did this event end the Civil Rights Movement?

    This is what was written on a website

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    No. King's assassination didn't end the Civil Rights Movement. If anything, it increased the resolve to get fair treatment for everyone.

    Check this time line of the Civil Rights Movement.

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