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What would this mean:

identify the source of the quotation.

  • US History II -

    One of the quotes was:
    "a house divided against itself cannot stand"

    this is a quote that Abraham Lincoln said

    would the source be Abraham Lincoln or the speech where he said it and where?

  • US History II -

    This is what I had to do, it states:

    identify the source of the quotation, when and in what context it was used, and its larger significance in illuminating a theme of American history.

  • US History II -

    Yes, the source is Abraham Lincoln.

    Here's how to cite a speech: >>
    (Use the "lecture" format, but use the word "speech" instead.)

  • US History II -

    what would: in what context it was used: mean?

    How the quote was used?

    For the same Lincoln quote would it be that it also meant that the country can't be half free and half slave?

  • US History II -

    From which of Lincoln's speeches does this come? Where was he when he gave the speech? To whom was he speaking?


  • US History II -

    The context was a speech given to Republican convention delegates in Springfield, IL in 1858. It was used to show Lincoln's idealism and warn his listeners of the threat to the Union. You're correct about its meaning.

    Here's some good background on this speech.

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