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1. For the following exercise, complete the following by using the data sets below that provides the ages of the first seven presidents:

a. Find the mean, median, and range for each of the two data sets.

b. Find the standard deviation using the range rule of thumb for each of the data sets. Please show your work. (Please see Chapter 4, Section 4.3, page 173 of the text).

c. Compare the two sets and describe what you discover.

The following data sets shows the ages of the first seven presidents (President Washington through President Jackson) and the seven most recent presidents including President Obama. Age is given at time of inauguration.

First 7: 57 61 57 57 58 57 61

Second 7: 61 52 69 64 46 54 47

  • Statistics -

    Mean = Σx/n

    Median: arrange score in order of value. Middle most score = median = 50 percentile. If two scores in middle, get mean of those two.

    Mode = most frequently observed score

    Range = highest score - lowest.

    I don't know what your "rule of thumb" is.

    You can do the calculations.

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