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I've posted a couple times before but I'm still at a lost, your team has been very helpful, if I could bother you once more. I have to write an essay based on four different wars - The Iliad, War and Peace, Richard III and Henry IV, someone earlier gave me a good idea for a thesis "For justice, for pride, for peace, for independence - war has been fought for all of these. I believe each of those wars can be linked to on of those "causes". I think Pride would go with The Iliad, but I don't know about the other 3 can someone help me. How would I compare all of these to war? I know the stories are about war, I guess I could say these are just a few of the reasons why there are wars?????

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    You may get ideas from some of the following links;



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    First, go to Sparknotes.com and look up each of those plays. Look particularly at the themes section. You will find the links there. Then take each of those reasons and show how the play develops that theme.

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    If you had three words to describe War and Peace what adjectives would you use?

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    I'll do that. Thanks

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