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Hi, here is a question and my answer I have done so far, not sure about the end result so any help appreciated

5a-2 (5+4a)=-9
Multiply out brackets 5a-10+8a =-9
Add 10, 5a+8a=1
Collect like terms 13a = -9
Divide by 13 = a =1/13
I am pretty sure the answer should be a = -1/3 but not sure how to get there, , thanks

  • Algebra -

    You have an error in your first step when you multiplied:
    -2(5 + 4a)
    It is not -10 + 8a .

  • Algebra -

    Salisbury High School decided to take their students on a field trip to a theme park. A total of 150 people went on the trip. Adults pay $45.00 for a ticket and students pay $28.50 for a ticket. How many students and how many adults went to the park if they paid a total of $4770

  • For Lily -

    Please do not append a new question at the end of somebody else posting.

    Your question will likely be passed over, since most tutors will not look at a posting if they see that it has been answered.

    Your problem:
    let number of adult tickets be a
    let number of student tickets be 150-a

    45a + 28.5(150-a) = 4770

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