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In Romeo and Juliet, who was the alst person to see Juliet alive?
A. Romeo
B. Friar Laurence
C. the Nurse
D. Lord Montague
E. Paris

I actually found this question confusing and tricky. First, I was thinking whether the question is asking who was the last person to see Juliet before Juliet faked her death or before Juliet actually died. But then I figured out that it should be asking the time before Juliet actually killed herself. So I was thinking would the answer be choice A, Romeo as when Juliet killed herself, she was with the dead Romeo. But then I reread the question, and found out that the question was asking who was the last person to SEE Juliet alive. So should the answer be choice B, Friar Laurence? as he was the last person who actually met with Juliet right before Juliet planned to killl herself.

Thank You for checking.

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