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What is the difference between the idea of set points versus settling points in relation to weight control? I've read and re-read the text and can't find any info regarding the idea of settling points. I'm a little bit lost and would like some help with this question please. Thank you.

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    According to this article, the set point is determined by the body physiology. The settling point is determined by the environment.

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    Thank you.

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    You're welcome.

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    According to my understanding and I am not understand too well enough to differentiate between the ideas of set points versus settling points in the relation to weight control, but what I think I understand from reading the text is that set points are the regulation of intake and output of energy level of a given individual, and this is controlled by the feedback from the settling point. It is like the set point is the body physiology depending on the environment or situation within that given environment.
    Set points can also mean the natural weight that a given individual’s body will assume if provided with the right foods, and activity. Perhaps, if I eat healthy meals and exercise as a routine, then the body will maintain its normal body weight according to the physiology of that body. But let’s assumed I am on vacation and I am attacked by a variety of delicacies for the duration of my vacation, then there is a likelihood that I may loss control of my routine and consume more than I normally would and this activity caused a change of my set point, then this new set point will be my settling point. Set point and settling point is really the regulatory system of the body.
    When all the facts are examined and reality sets in, I believe the settling point to be the one we are most inclined to considering the current crisis of obesity epidemic in the City of New York. I do believe that eating is the settling point given the various contributions that influence eating to achieve this equilibrium. It is all about our mind out behaviors because our weight do fluctuates we can never maintain a set point for the rest of our lives. Age can also cause changes in our body, so even our body weight is not set in stone.

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