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I really need to know if these sentences are OK. Thank youin advance.
1)What did the tour include? It included flights, full board accommodation and guided tours.
2)How long was the plane delayed the day they left? It was delayed till the next day.
3)Was the hotel in Mexico City as they expected it to be? No, the hotel wasn't the one they had seen in the brochure.
4)How did they have to go to Merida? They had to go there by bus.
5)Why couldn't they fly to Merida? Because their seats hadn't been booked
6)How long did they spend travelling? They spent the whole day travelling.
7)Do they regret going to Merida? Yes, they do. If they had known that the journey was going to be so tiring, they would have stayed in Mexico City.
8)Did they have a guide with them when they visited the archaeological sites? No, they didn't.
9)Did they expect to be accompanied by a professional guide? Yes, they did.
In their brochure was clearly stated that a guide would have accompanied them.
10)Did they have any problems with their flight black? Yes, they did. It was delayed for 10 hours.
11)What did the travel agency offer them as a compensation? It offered them a weekend for two in Rome.

She admitted to (?) eating all the cake.

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    This one needs correcting. There is no subject. Delete the words in parentheses.

    (In their) The brochure (was) clearly stated that a guide would have accompanied them.

    She admitted eating all the cake--- would be better

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