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A car weighing 15,000 N is speeding down the highway at 90 km/h. What is its momentum?

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    Using the equation S= C(1+r/100)^5, calculate the inflation rate of the current price of a loaf of bread in Thailand priced at 25 baht in five years where S is the inflated cost, r is the inflation rate, and C is the current price of the item.

    Country: Thailand
    Currency: The Baht
    Recent inflation rate: -0.90 percent
    Loaf of bread: 25 baht

    S= 25baht(1-0.009)^5
    S= 25(0.991)^5
    S= 25(0.9558)
    S= 23.895 baht

    With an inflation rate of -0.90 percent, after five years a loaf of bread can be purchased in Thailand for less than 23.895 baht or 23.90 baht if rounded up which is about 1.10 baht less than what it can be bought for now.

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