U.S History II

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I think I'm over thinking this...
Could someone explain what this means:

List three contemporaneous movements, trends or activities in literature, science, art or economics.

It also says that: For purposes of this activity,define "contemporaneous" as any event within a five-year period of the event.

The worksheet looks like this:
Turning Points
Event: Treaty of Paris
Related events:

Would it be that for the related events would I write down Acts that were passed such as the Sugar Act and Stamp Act?

Thank You

  • U.S History II -

    Yes. Those are good related events.

  • U.S History II -

    Would you know what activities in literature, science, or art in 1763 means?

    Would it be stuff that were invented or books that were written?


  • U.S History II -

    I didn't find anything in literature, science, and the arts between 1758 and 1768 that seemed very significant. However, you'll find some information here.


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