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An aqueous solution containing 12.0% MgCl2 by mass has a density of 1.105g/ml. What is the mol fraction of water in this solution?

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    12% MgCl2 means 12 g MgCl2 in 100 g solution. Use the density to calculate the volume of 1000 mL.
    1.105 g/mL x 1000 mL = 1105 grams.
    1105 x 0.12 = 132.6 g MgCl2 and
    1105-132.6 = ?? g H2O
    moles H2O = grams/molar mass H2O
    moles MgCl2 = g MgCl2/molar mass MgCl2.
    XH2O = moles H2O/total moles.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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