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Hey i need some assistance with translating this sentence thanks.

Urbs Troja dicitur decem annos a Graecis oppugnata esse.

thanks again

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    I'll put the words in the order that will make sense in English:

    Urbs = subject
    Troja = appositive to Urbs
    dicitur = main verb; passive 3rd singular
    esse = infinitive
    oppugnata = present perfect participle agreeing with Urbs
    decem annos = adverbial phrase telling how long
    a Graecis = prepositional phrase telling by whom

    Now -- you add the words' meanings in that order and let me see what you come up with.

    Repost when ready.

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    thanks let me see...
    The city, Troy, having been attacked by the Greeks is being led for ten years.

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    dicitur = (it) is said -- this is the 3rd, singular, present passive of the word dico

    esse = to be (or with this present perfect participle, to have been...)

    The city, Troy, is said...

    How will you finish it?

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    the city of troy is said to have been attached by the greeks for many years

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    attacked -- yes

    The word oppugno... can also mean to assault or to storm. You choose the correct meaning. It's something that happened over a period of years. Did they attack every day?

    For how many years???

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    oh sorry for ten years

    the city of troy is said to have been attacked(or assaulted) by the greeks for ten years

    thank you so much

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    You're very welcome!


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