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1.In The Odyssey, what prophecy of Teiresias and Circe does Odysseus withhold from his men?
A-Odysseus and his crew will return triumphant to Ithaca.
B-The sailors adventure will last another ten years.
C-Only Odysseus will survive and return home.
D-Poseidon will capsize their ship near Charybdis.

2.In The Odyssey, which of the following of Odysseus actions is most characteristic of an epic hero?
A-He has his men plunder Cicones and enslave its women.
B-He tells Polyphemus that his name is Nohbdy.
C-He taunts Polyphemus after escaping from the Cyclops's cave.
D-He allows Circe to persuade him to stay with her.

3.In The Odyssey, Telemachus executes the maids because they have
A-associated with the suitors.
B-neglected the dog Argos.
C-revealed Odysseus identity.
D-ridiculed Penelope.

4.All of the following are themes of The Odyssey EXCEPT
A-loyalty to family and friends.
B-the cost of ambition.
C-overcoming obstacles.
D-the relationship between humans and gods.

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