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Much of the writing in Animal Farm uses verbal irony or situational irony to make a point. List three examples of verbal or situational irony and then state what is really meant in the passage or what actually happens in the plot.

Animal Farm is a novel full of verbal ironies as well as situational ironies that are shown throughout the plot. Most of the irony is shown within the the literary element, conflict. This novel Animal Farm represents and symbolizes the Russian Revolution. The Revolution and the ironies are both linked together. The ironies that are seen and emphasized on evolve around this symbol.

For instance, a verbal irony that is shown is when the pig Napolean states that they will build the windmill. Although Napolean might seem to others as just a cruel leader, he has a great significance behind his personality. Napolean represents the Stalin. This fact is overlooked by readers who focus on the story itself and not the actual symbols. Building the windmill was Snowball's idea which Napolean opposed at first then later planned to create one. The same way Stalin used the plans of Trotsky's who Snowball represents.

Another verbal irony seen is in the leadership acpect of the novel. Throughout the novel after Snowball had left, Napolean has always held the leadership even when it wasn't yet decided. Although Naopolean is not appointed as the leader right after the departure of Snowball, it was still seen and meant by the author that he was the only leader. Through the descriptive words used by the author he shows readers that their is more to the leadership acpect. He shows the readers that the method used in animal farm in terms of leadership is the totalitarianism which is a dictatorial system in which one party controls all aspects of work, culture, and politics. In this case, Napolean is the one who conrtols these concepts.

Last but not least Squealer's personality is also a verbal irony. It is stated in various quotes in the novel that Squealer is an individual who keeps everything under conrtol and makes people believe in concepts that aren't suppose to be believed in. For instance in chapter 5 he explains to everyone and makes them believe that Napolean had made a great sacrifice in taking the leadership responsibility when in reality this was not the case. The verbal irony seen here is that squealer represents the Propaganda department of Lenin's government which also used these methods to decieve people during the Russian Revolution.

There are plenty of other verbal ironies seen in the novel the Animal Farm which revolve around the history of the Russian Revolution. Three verbal ironies are discussed above. Other types of ironies are also seen. For example situational irony is seen throughout the novel. Overall verbal irony is a essential element in Animal Farm.

Could you please check my answer? thanks!

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    See the last post and go over this to find and correct all diction and vague reference problems.

    One other thing is that all instances of "ironies" need to become "irony."

    Read this aloud to someone or have someone read it aloud to you. You should be able to hear where you need to make corrections. Then rewrite and repost.

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    So you go to Keystone Online Highschool? 9th grade? Me too. These answers were very helpful in me constructing my own answers. And you made many spelling errors, you also only had 1 space instead of 2 spaces after a period in many places. You should try putting your papers into a spell checker before submitting them. You can lose points of bad spelling/punctuation.

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    Y'all tripping

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