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How can I put in another way using the formula for the equation on L=2.43*W^0.3326. My first answer were given to me using the log system is there another way I can set this up without using log.

My instructor mention that w to the power of .3326 then multiply by 2.43 if an eagle wing span is 7 feet, will I still get 24lbs in weight and if so how do I formate it so I can understand better.

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    Yes, you can solve the exponential
    equation without using logs if
    you are using a calculator.

    In this example, L was the unknown and W was 24lbs.The calculator was used to solve expo. If W was the unknown and L was 7, the equation would be:
    7=2.43*W^0.3326, Divide both sides by
    2.43: W^0.3326=2.8764,W=23.97=24.0 You
    will have to KNOW your calculator.

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