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42. Which number best represents this set of data: 5, 5, 5, 6, 5, 5, 5, 6, 200?
a. mean
b. median

I don't really understand this question but I'm guessing it's B..

46. After flipping 13 consecutive "heads" on a fair coin, what is the probability of flipping "heads" on the next try?

49. If the first three digits of someone's phone number (do no include area code) are 555, how many different phone numbers could they have?

50. Suppose you use five different letters to make a computer password. Find the number of possible five letter passwords.


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    The value of 200 would really "trow off" the mean, but not the median, so I would agree with your choice.

    46. Unless you have a magic coin that "remembers" what went before, the 14th flip has a prob of heads of 1/2

    49. since each of the remaining 4 digits could be one of 10 digits, there would be 10^4 or 10000 of them

    50. What is 26x26x26x26x26 ?

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    Thanks so much!

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