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Out of 56 problems I'm unsure of 7 of them. Can someone please check? (= is my answer.

1.)Which of the following is not an essential element of the English political tradition?
a.)Royal absolutism
=c.)Limits to the power of the king
d.)Protection of certain rights

2.)The slogan "No taxation without representation!" refers to which traditional right of English citizens?
=a.)To be consulted before taxes are raised
b.)Not to be taxed
c.)To collect taxes themselves
d.)To elect their representatives in Parliament

3.)Under British rule, _____.
a.)each colony was administered separately
=b.)all the colonies had the same form of government
c.)the colonies cooperated significantly
d.)the colonists were represented in Parliament

4.)The emergence of Parliament was important because _____.
a.)it established the right of English citizens of different classes to be consulted by the government
=b.)it quickly reduced the king to a powerless figurehead
c.)it was the first example of a working democracy in history
d.)none of the above

5.)The _____ and the _____ were both early plans for uniting the British colonies, neither of which was particularly successful.
=a.)New England Confederation, Albany Plan of Union
b.)proprietary colonies, charter colonies
c.)Navigation Acts, Stamp Act
d.)French and Indian War, King Philip's War

6.)Soon after the Crown imposed the first new taxes on the colonies, _____.
a.)the majority of Americans began to agitate for independence
b.)the Americans embraced the taxes as a sign of "taxation without representation"
=c.)the colonists began to protest what they thought was a violation of their traditional rights
d.)the British Parliament formally objected to this illegal imposition of taxation

7.)In general, _____ could vote in elections for colonial legislatures.
a.)all white men and women
b.)only property-owners
c.)the entire adult population
=d.)only members of the nobility

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    I'm not sure about # 1.

    I agree with your answers for 5 and 6.

    Numbers 2, 3, 4, and 7 are wrong.

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    Ok thanks I reposted my newer answers in case you don't come back to this posting :)

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    who posts stuff like that, seriously? grow up

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    for the people being rude... im pretty sure this web page says homework HELP at the top. so go bug people on youtube comments you fat kids with out cake.

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