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Does anyone know of a website where I could ask computer problems for free?

I just tried asking on this one website, but it wanted me to pay...


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    First of all post the question here to see if someone can help you. Just "computer problems" does not help us. Is this a software question? Is it computer programming?

    You might begin by perusing some of the links below:


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    There are all kinds of free computer forums for developers and programmers on all topics, languages and technologies.

    Most of the forums will not do computer homework for you, they are to help programmers solve a problem, gather ideas, or help with debugging.

    If you are taking a computer course and need help, you can as Mme Sra said, post your question, and the problems you are having. Be specific, the same question can apply to different computer languages, and the answer and help would be different.

    If you are a good self learner, you can read-up the multitude of tutorials available on the Internet and take it from there.

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    I just wanted to know if anyone knew I forum where I could fix my old computer

    This was not a homework question


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    Fixing computers hardware requires a lot of diagnostic tests to determine the problem and consequently find the solution.

    If you have no clue as to how a computer works, you are not likely to get it fixed by yourself by getting hints at a forum. It would be faster and easier to give the job to a computer technician.

    On the other hand, if you open the back of the computer frequently, can tell a disk from the CPU, have changed the power supply from time to time, have formatted the disk, installed and configured operating systems, yes, forums would definitely help. Try:
    There are many professional people who volunteer their help to people in need.

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