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Need to get these checked--

33. What is the area of a square with the dimension of 1 + sqrt of 2?


34. A matrix with 5 columns and six rows added to another matrix with 5 columns and 6 rows would result in a matrix with:
a. 12 columns and 10 rows
b. 5 columns and 6 rows
c. 10 columns and 12 rows
d. 6 columns and 5 rows

Not sure..

43. If on the first day someone gave you $5, and then doubled that amount each day, how much money would you have total, on the sixth day?



  • Algebra -

    (1+sqrt 2)(1+sqrt 2) = 1+2sqrt 2 + 2
    3 + 2 sqrt 2

    You just add elements, no change in number of rows or columns
    5*2^0 day 1
    5*2^1 day 2
    5*2^2 day 3

    5*2^5 = 5*32 = 160 day 6

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