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how long will it take a bus travelling at 60 miles per hour to overtake a car travelling at 40 mph if the car had a 1.5 hour head start

  • math -

    Let x = the time to overtake

    60x = 1.5 + 40x

    Solve for x.

  • math -

    Let the time taken by the bus for the trip be t hours
    Let the time taken by the car for the trip be t+1.5

    distance covered by bus = 60t
    distance covered by car = 40(t+1.5)

    60t = 40(t+1.5)
    60t = 40t + 60
    20t = 60
    t = 3

    bus goes for 3 hours and the car for 4.5 hours

    3x60 = 180
    4.5x40 = 180

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