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i have a social final tmr. and if i don't get 50 questions right im gonna fail socials 9!!!

does anyone noe a really good website for the entire socials 9 notes? the textbook im using is called "crossroads"

PLEASE HELP. FAST !! i cannot fail socials 9. but i noe im not good at socials. im getting 58% !!! please help me..

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    One of these links perhaps??

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    Hmmm -- Finals are designed to find out what YOU have learned throughout the last semester. Maybe you'll learn more when you take this class next year.

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    yea but my point is that. IF I FAIL THE FINAL. I FAIL SOCIALS 9. THEN I WILL HAVE TO REPEAT SOCIALS 9. but i CANNOT fail.. so i wanna be prepared for the final and read some notes.. but my teacher didn't give me any notes. so that's why im asking if other ppl have a website that provides notes for socials 9 crossroads

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    Last minute cramming and spending too much time online will ensure failure. Get off the computer and go read something. Do your best on the final. Pray.

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