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How would I say the word "to make" in french, but not in the context of 'making a pie' but rather I'd like to say 'they make other people unhappy'.

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    to make=pour faire
    'they make other people unhappy'=
    ils font d'autres gens mécontents

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    Ils rendent les autres malheureux.

    Verbe: rendre
    je rends
    tu rends
    il/elle rend
    nous rendons
    vous rendez
    ils rendent

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    Just have to add:
    ils/elles rendent!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    MathMate gave the right translation.
    To make can be translated by all this verbs in French
    rendre (faire devenir).
    monter (marée).

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    Ils rendent les autres malheureux.

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