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algebra 2

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(4x power of 2xy+y power of two)(-x power of two - 3 xy+4y power of two)=
help please

  • algebra 2 -

    Your post is very confusing. You ask us to add, but the parentheses indicate multiplication.

    4x power of two = 4x squared = (4x)^2 online = 4x times 4x = 4x * 4x online

    Or do you mean 4 * x^2 = 4 * x * x? If this is it, why is there another x rather than indicating x^3?

    In other words, are you squaring 4x or merely x? Use parentheses to indicate 4x, e.g., (4x)^2.

    Repost using "*" to indicate "times" and "^" to indicate "power of."

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