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Predict whether the Ph endpoint is =7 >7, or<7 for each of the following acid-base titrations. Justify you predictions

a) hydroiodic acid with sodium hydroxide.
b)boric acid with sodium hydroxide
c) hydrochloric acid with magnesium hydroxide
d) hydrochloric acid with aqueous ammonia

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    Here is the way you know.
    acid + base ==> salt + water.
    If the acid is strong and the base is weak, the salt will be acidic and the equivalence point will be <7.
    If the base is strong and the acid is weak, the salt will be basic and the equivalence point will be >7. If the acid is strong and the base is strong, the pH at the equivalence point will be 7.
    For a. HI + NaOH ==> NaI + H2O.
    HI is strong. NaOH is strong. Equivalence point will be 7.0

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